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Algonquin Trail receives donation from the Renfrew County ATV Club

The County of Renfrew is recognizing a $40,000 donation from the Renfrew County ATV Club towards the Algonquin Trail. Although the donation was received in 2021 Cameron Hann, president of the RC ATV Club, officially presented the cheque to Renfrew County Warden Debbie Robinson and County Councillor Robert Sweet, chair of the Development and Property Committee, recently. The funds will go towards ongoing trail maintenance and additional control access gates in the Pembroke area.


Algonquin Trail receives donation from the Snow County Snowmobile Region and the Timberline Snowmobile Club

Snow Country Snowmobile Region and the Timberline Snowmobile Club continue to support the County of Renfrew’s trail system and recently donated $40,000 towards the completion of the Algonquin Trail through the City of Pembroke.


Algonquin Trail to Expand Multi-Use Through Pembroke and Laurentian Valley

Recently the Councils of the City of Pembroke and the Township of Laurentian Valley agreed to the inclusion of motorized/multi-use activities on the sections of the Algonquin Trail that pass through their municipalities. These decisions align with the overall purpose of the Algonquin Trail / Ottawa Valley Recreational Trail to be a four-season multi-use trail.


The Work Continues on the Algonquin Trail

 One of the biggest Algonquin Trail builds by the County of Renfrew will be starting this week! Twenty-one kilometres of the trail, from Renfrew to Cobden, will be graded, packed, and an application of stone dust to make this multi-use trail even more usable by all authorized users. This will complete the Ottawa Valley Recreational Trail/Algonquin Trail from Smiths Falls to just past the Village of Cobden..


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