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We ask that all trail users enjoy the trail while being respectful to other trail users, private land owners, and the environment. Please follow our Trail Use Code of Conduct while on the trail.

  • Non-motorized users have the right-of-way at all times.

  • Respect the privacy of people living along the trail.

  • Respect neighbouring property by staying on the Ottawa Valley Recreation Trail. Do not make new trails or traverse on unmarked and unauthorized trails.

  • Expect and respect other trail users, and obey trail signs

  • Stay to the right of trail and pass on the left

  • Alert slower moving users to your presence, slow down and proceed with caution as you pass them

  • Bike riders yield to both hikers and horseback riders; hikers yield to horseback riders; ATV/Snowmobile users yield to all

  • Motorcycles, of any kind, are not allowed on the trail.

  • Obey all barricades and closures along the Algonquin Trail.

  • If you and/or your mode of transportation produces over 10cm of track depth, do not use the Algonquin Trail. This will occur most frequently in the Spring and Fall or after a heavy rain.

  • Motorized vehicles (other than snowmobiles with a valid Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs [OFSC] permit) are prohibited in the winter season

  • Prohibited activities include: camping or fires, hunting or carrying firearms

  • Please keep pets on a leash at all times; Clean up after pets and horses

  • Do not block trail entrances or park on the trail at any time

  • Leave the trail cleaner than you found it - Please carry out litter

  • Leave flowers, wood, rocks and plants behind in their rightful place for others to enjoy

  • Avoid tree damage. Do not break branches or strip bark off trees

  • Preserve the past - Examine, but do not touch cultural or historical structures

  • Obey all Federal, Provincial, and Municipal regulations pertaining to the operation of your mode of transportation (including, but not limited to, licencing, insurance, age limits, and vehicle condition).

**Information regarding use and regulation of the trail within Lanark County can be found HERE.  

**Information regarding use and regulation of the trail within Renfrew County can be found HERE.  

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