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The Ottawa Valley Recreational Trail is a multi-use trail, open to both non-motorized and motorized use.  Note, however, that motorized use is restricted to certain off-road vehicles (ATVs, ORVs, etc.) but NOT highway vehicles, including motorcycles of any kind.

Rule #1 - above all else - is that each user should respect the other users on the trail.  Motorized users are to yield to other more passive users.  Cyclists are to yield to walkers and hikers.  Signage will be erected shortly.

The trail still has many areas under construction (weather permitting), and some sections will remain closed while upgrades are completed and deemed usable.  While this construction is ongoing, users are asked to stay off of the "closed" sections of the trail.


The 3 municipal partners have developed and adopted a Trail Management Plan deals with most issues.  A living document, the Management Plan will serve as a basis for dealing with conflicts, uses, development, and more.  A by-law regulating use of the trail has been passed by the 3 partners, as noted in the links below.

The Management Plan is available by CLICKING HERE 

**Information regarding use and regulation of the trail within Lanark County can be found HERE.  

**Information regarding use and regulation of the trail within Renfrew County can be found HERE.  

Trail Use

Trail Rules sign
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