The Lanark County section is now completely open and ready to enjoy.

ATV users in the Lanark section are required to have a trail permits issued by OFATV.

ATV users in the Renfrew County section are not required to have a permit at this time. However, ATVers looking to go through Pembroke will need to travel road systems or use RCATV trails: permit required.

The map on this webpage shows areas that have received upgrades.  It is not meant to act as an "open/closed" map at this time (like a snowmobile trails condition map).

Be sure to check the map page to ensure that you are not trespassing on closed (or non-upgraded) trail sections.



Algonquin Trail to Expand Multi-Use Through Pembroke and Laurentian Valley

Recently the Councils of the City of Pembroke and the Township of Laurentian Valley agreed to the inclusion of motorized/multi-use activities on the sections of the Algonquin Trail that pass through their municipalities. These decisions align with the overall purpose of the Algonquin Trail / Ottawa Valley Recreational Trail to be a four-season multi-use trail.


The Work Continues on the Algonquin Trail

 One of the biggest Algonquin Trail builds by the County of Renfrew will be starting this week! Twenty-one kilometres of the trail, from Renfrew to Cobden, will be graded, packed, and an application of stone dust to make this multi-use trail even more usable by all authorized users. This will complete the Ottawa Valley Recreational Trail/Algonquin Trail from Smiths Falls to just past the Village of Cobden..



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The 296km Ottawa Valley Recreational Trail is a multi-use corridor that stretches from near Smiths Falls to just shy of Mattawa, passing through Lanark County, Renfrew County (where it is also known as the Algonquin Trail) and Papineau-Cameron Township. 


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